Count on Us to Speak To The World.

Northern Lexicon was established 15 years ago with a goal to provide quality translation and localization services to companies and brands aspiring to connect with customers in their local language.

Throughout the years, we have built a diverse team of over 20 translators, localization specialist and localization engineers striving to realize the dreams of our clients; by enabling them to speak our language through our unique and complete language solutions.

Northern Lexicon niche services apart from translation and localization are international product management, QA and content management.


  • Localization
  • Translation
  • Quality Assurance and Linguistic Validation
  • UI, UA, Software and Device Testing


The local and international translation and localization community is a vibrant gathering of language lovers from various backgrounds.

At Northern Lexicon, we continue the tradition in on boarding and training enthusiastic translators with insights into international localization and provide exposure to various tools and services used in the trade.


Actively seeking translators and localization experts. Freelancers and full time translators, project managers and translation partners interested in expanding into the international scene are welcome to contact us for further discussion.

Aspiring Translators, please contact us: